Friday, June 12, 2009

please keep the crap out of vipassana

If you go to a 10 days vipasanna course, In the beginning it will be taught that it's a scientific technique, it like an excise of mind, where you learn to tame your mind. They tell you that how mind play game and how you see things just because you believe in them. They give example that how a rope might look like snake if you think about snake biting you and about westerners who believe god is a "white old man with beard", see god as "white old man with beard" in their dreams.

Then they talk about bubble chamber experiment and how it proved that everything is made up of small particles which are continuously getting created and destroyed like bubbles. ( in reality bubble chamber experiment was done to show that the trajectories of energetic particles could be made visible by photographing the bubbles that form within a few milliseconds after particles have traversed a suitably superheated liquid.) and also claim that Buddha experienced same thing 2500 years ago.You could see that how they smoothly move from bubbles to wave and say that everything is like wave and show you how you can experience the same.

Till now everything seems scientific( although i see it as something to beguile people with scientific misinformation) but now slowly they move to concept of "Sanskara" and how every bad sensation felt in the body is due to "Bad Sanskar" (something bad stored in body due to Bad Karma of current or past life) stored in the body. How by observing the sensations in our body and not reacting it we can get rid of "Bad Karma" and enlighten ourselves.

How hypocritical it is to ridicule other religions for being non-scientific; proving that your technique is most scientific technique ever and then teaching something which is totally unscientific. I know that lot of people will argue that Buddha gave the disclaimer about his teaching that "Don't believe it because I am saying it or because it's written in a holy book, believe it only if you find it logical" but unfortunately (if I remember correctly, but I may be wrong) this disclaimer is told on last day of the course, when they have already convinced you to believe everything. Although vipassana give freedom of cherry-picking only the logical and scientific stuff but then setting aside Karma and Reincarnation will make it purposeless, as the soul purpose of vipassana is the freedom from re-birth cycle.

Now, a lot of new people come to vipassana course with some physical or mental problem. The view of vipassana about physical and mental problem is that it's result of your bad deeds in past or current life. So there is no cure, and you have to suffer, but what you can do is stop making new bad karma which will ensure that you won't get new sufferings. It's a dangerous idea to believe that disease is result of bad deed, if you are rejecting medical help. I hope that very few people subscribe to this idea. I think it's also ungrateful act to take medical help for your disease but then believe that you know better that doctors about the cause of disease and vipassana is greater than medical science and you are cured only because of some good karma. This is a bad idea.

More to come....................

such a long time

I can't even count how much posts are sitting in the draft now, i failed to publish a single post in like a year. But it's gonna changed now, from now on, I will publish at least 1 post every week, no matter how shitty it is!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

idiotic cast for idiot movie

Did u heard the cast for Idiot, the film adaptation of "Five Point Someone"? Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi and Madhwan!! wow!! They got to play first year IIT student. Can u guess the age of first year students at IIT?? What? 35?? 40?? No, no I m not talkin abt some post doctoral course, I m talkin abt age of 1st yr. B.Tech students. Yes!! now u r right, it's around 18-20; Unless of course, u r so dumb, but desperate that u r tryin JEE for 21st time.

It's so unfortunate that people are happy about Aamir begin casted in the movie, bcoz for those people only STAR CAST matters and they are happy that they gonna see Aamir khan acting in a different role. It is unfortunate that people are deprived from watching some real and honest movie. For all these years people are shown that STAR CAST and Big Banner matters. Good movies, honest movies, real movies are kept away from normal people, it's said that it's only for intellectual few. There's no way for people to differentiate between good and bad movie. They have just seen one side of coin. May be Aamir Khan can do excellent job being an 19-20 yr old IIT student, but there's no way to compare how would a actual 20 yr old "normal" "guy next door" kinda guy would have performed. But they are not going to try that, even if the characters look fake, they just don't have guts to be real.

Talking about female lead, they chose karina, well she won't look teen either, even after her size 0 makeover. And you know how she acts, don't you?

So what's this Idiot movie gonna be?? Well, it may done well, coz the story is good, but still it would be an imperfect movie, a dishonest attempt, another lost opportunity to show the Indian audience something better, another new talent wasted under the stardom of Big Actors.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just Another Problem

Here's a li'l poem, tell me if u like it:

So, u thinks, I have a Problem,
But I don't see that I have a Problem,
I don't have a Problem, till i think i have Problem,
And if u still thinks I have a Problem,
I guess it's just your Problem.

What do think will be solution to the Problem?
is it a problem or u made it a Problem?
And finding solution is yet another problem,
So are you solving it, or adding new Problem?

So you are still stuck with the Problem,
See, if it can be solved, then there's no Problem,
And if can't be solved, then it's not a Problem,
There are always solutions to a Problem,
What can't be solved can never be a Problem.

Don't expect me to solve your Problem,
Coz what you have is just your Problem,
I may not even see it as Problem,
Guess you have to solve your own Problem.

Nobody caused you the Problem,
Coz it came to you that it's a Problem,
It's a Problem, coz you think it's a Problem,
Now you see, what's your Problem?

Can you see it??

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hu m i?

Unfortunately I am not normal, or I think that I am not normal, lol!!
Why?? Here are the reasons:

I have this “KNOW IT ALL” curiosity, that makes me read lot of books,
Surf internet, watch documentary movies and dump my mind with lot
of garbage. (I wish to become GOOGLE lol!!)

I live alone, I donno, but people find that weird, they says that “how could you live alone? I get bored if I am alone, even for 1 day”. Actually I think a lot and I need to do aftermath on whatever I learn….So I need lot of space.

I don’t believe in GOD(S). It’s too complicated and confusing man!! I gave lot of time
on thinking about his/her/its/their existence but it has always blown my logic. And he/she/it/them is/are too simple an explanation for universe THIS complicated. Moreover he/she/it/them hasn’t/haven’t given a direct proof of his/her/its/their existence (it’s always people who say, that this is/are proof(s) of his/her/its/their existence); So I tend to believe that he/she/it/them exist(s), he/she/it/them want(s) to stay in shadow and I want to respect him/her/it/them by not believing in his/her/its/their existence. lol!!

I don’t believe in Love either( I mean the way people believe it)!! Wait! Let me explain!! I think lot of people have a misconception that love is a divine or pure or sacred (thanks to Indian movies). And even bigger misconception that it is or should be for a man/woman/animal( depends, if you are (homo/hetero/zoo)sexual. ) So what these people do is “FALL in love”. But you’ll ask “what’s wrong with that?? It feels good to be in love.” I say there is only one small problem, and that is CONTROL. People see other emotions like fear or anger or lust as controllable, they say learn to control it. But they see love as uncontrollable. Now if you think that it’s good to fall in love and there is no control over love; then it’s likely that you fall in love with wrong person at wrong time. This is a big issue and we can discuss all this in person but for now I think I made my point.

So what am I? A Machine or a Zombie?? People tends to think that often; but actually I am as emotional as other people around me, its just that I want to have a bit of awareness of my emotions and try to control it. So I find it perfectly ok to feel angry or get scared or
feel horny…coz we are humans and are born with these emotions. In fact, knowledge about emotions and how they originate make them work better for you and bring richness in all relationships.

And at last, you might have guessed it by now; but I don’t have a girlfriend. And this fact along with the fact that I live alone make people very suspicious about me (lol)!!
And still some people push me to find some girl!! Well, of all girls I know, they either have: 1) this love misconception 2) or boyfriend 3) or I am not of their type 4) or too dumb to understand this stuff 4) or all 4 qualities together.

So I think I am better off staying single and drooling/ogling at all those beauties. And I have no Emotional Support or Emotional Satisfaction problem coz people with misconceptions try to find someone to love ignoring people around who already love them. My belief is that we have potential to love every living being; and if you love everyone you are so overwhelmed by love that you don't need love of a single man/woman.